Sub-Community Plans, Neighborhood Plans, and Neighborhoods

Boulder’s unique neighborhoods are its heart and soul. I believe in preserving neighborhood character in all of Boulder – be it neighborhoods where residences are single family, multi-unit, condos, townhomes, apartments, high density or rural. Neighborhood pride is a good thing – it encourages a sense of community, place, and belonging; as well as stewardship.

I support sub-community planning as one tool to better address specific areas within the city. However, sub-community plans may in some cases lack the granularity necessary to address highly neighborhood-specific neighborhood issues.

Neighborhood plans (for which Denver’s and Madison, Wisconsin’s efforts can serve as a model) chart courses for neighborhoods that allow a high degree of input from the neighborhood residents who best know their neighborhoods. I view neighborhood residents as a real resource. It’s virtually impossible to match their level of on-the-ground knowledge of their neighborhoods.

Neighborhood plans, written by neighborhood residents working with city planners, typically address the neighborhood’s history, unique character, census information, housing characteristics, community facilities, resources, organizations, assets, deficiencies, traffic/transportation issues (including alternative transportation options like biking and walking routes), parking, parks and open space, schools, diversity, safety, access to commercial and public services. The plan concludes with recommendations that are forwarded to the City.

In City surveys, participants routinely rate neighborhood character and affordable housing as the two most important issues. If elected to Council, I will advocate for City support of sub-community plans and individual neighborhood plans where appropriate, to address neighborhood strengths, needs, opportunities, and challenges.

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