Human Relations and Human Services

On the national scene, we’re seeing increasingly divisive rhetoric that marginalizes groups of people, and pits some groups against each other. I believe Boulder should reject such rhetoric, and lead by positive example.

I am very supportive of the work of Boulder’s Human Relations Commission, the Human Services Department, and Senior Services.

The Commission and the Human Services Department both seem to interface well with the many outstanding Boulder nonprofits and community organizations. Senior Services provide many excellent opportunities for older adults.

Additionally, City Council has taken many steps to advocate for diversity and inclusion. I applaud these past efforts, and would deepen Boulder’s commitment in these areas. I believe that when cities have diverse populations, it increases the quality of culture, thought, and experience. I feel Boulder should make welcome people of diverse backgrounds; perspectives; gender identities, and ethnic, religious and national origins. America has greatly benefited from being a melting pot. I feel Boulder should embrace the same characteristic.

I would like Council’s interest in human services to be even stronger. Council should support and encourage the voices of individuals and organizations that are part of diverse segments of our population.

I also support the City’s strong connections with the many local non-profit groups that provide additional support for individuals in need of help, including, but not limited to: families, women, our LGBTQ community, at-risk youth, veterans, minority communities, immigrant communities, people with disabilities, low income individuals, residents struggling with substance addiction issues, and many other groups in need.

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