It’s a profound honor to be elected to serve Boulder – the wonderful town I grew up in. I’m gratified that my message resonated with voters:

  • Carefully managed growth and development that is accountable for mitigating its impacts, such as traffic and other issues.
  • Environmental stewardship that includes a robust, effective response to the challenges of Climate Change.
  • Including residents in planning discussions early in the process, before City plans and programs are set in stone.
  • And real solutions to affordable housing that take into account the significant challenges of Boulder’s inelastic real estate market.

I’m humbled and honored by the trust voters have placed in me. Thank you to all my supporters and the many, many volunteers who helped me in my Council bid!


Mirabai Nagle

Mirabai Nagle

For Boulder City Council 2017

a new generation of commitment to
Boulder’s legacy of stewardship.


Mirabai Nagle

For Boulder City Council 2017

a new generation of commitment to Boulder’s legacy of stewardship.


I’m running for City Council because I care deeply about Boulder – the town I grew up in.

I represent a fresh perspective – as a younger candidate, a businesswoman, a Boulder native, and a volunteer firefighter who understands the plight of our emergency professionals who daily put their lives on the line for us. I am also a former resident of affordable housing who went on to buy a house in the city portion of Boulder’s Gunbarrel neighborhood with my husband.

I’ve had a life-long passion for politics, public service, and the political process. A highlight of my life was traveling to Washington, D.C. to meet with Colorado’s then-senators Mark Udall and Ben Nighthorse-Campbell, and subsequently watch one of their bills pass in the Senate.

I began considering a Boulder City Council bid some time ago. As I began to hear so many concerns from residents on issues, people started urging me to run. I heard concerns about the type of growth we’re seeing in Boulder, and the ever-increasing traffic. I also heard people’s struggles to afford to live in Boulder. I understand those challenges, having lived in affordable housing in Boulder myself, while saving up enough to eventually purchase a home here. The key point is that I believe we can create affordability, without ubiquitous high density and runaway growth.

I straddle many worlds that don’t often intersect in Boulder. This puts me in an excellent position to facilitate the elusive solutions our community really needs now. I know that with the talents, skills, and education of the people of Boulder, we can come up with more win-win solutions that work for all. Rather than settling for winners and losers, our wonderful city can do better by working together. If elected, I will work with people tirelessly to create win-wins.

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